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What is a wet room?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

A wet room is a fully waterproof shower room minus the tray. However some people still like to have a shower screen to contain to water, but essentially the water is allowed to run free right through the entirety of the room, without being confined to just the shower area. This design makes your bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Quick water drainage is the distinctive feature of a wet room floor with the shower water needing to be channelled into a drain and the whole room needing to be waterproofed. To do this can vary depending on your property, what the subfloor is made from and what wet room system you like. Yes there are different types, but they all fundamentally do the same thing.

To install a wet room, drainage needs to be lower than floor level, if its not, it can be lowed. wet rooms can be constructed on timer and concrete floors.

constructing a wet room on a timber floor, your subfloor will need to be replaced with a wet room system and wet room tray, these are different from a normal shower trays and will need to be supported by installing ply between the joists.

Then the room will need to be waterproofed, for these reasons, wet room installation is a job that is best left to professionals.

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