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Marc Anthony Bathrooms & Kitchens

The Design You Always Dreamed Of


Transform your kitchen with our kitchen fitting service.
We are dedicated to creating the very best kitchens.
We can help you through the whole process of a new kitchen, from the design and planning, right through to finishing touches like tiling, flooring, painting & decorating. Whilst we are Oxford based, we work all over Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas


Our Kitchens


Your home is unique, and the kitchen is the heart of every home. 

Kitchens & kitchen design in Oxford is offered by many, but few live up to our standards. Here at Marc Anthony Bathrooms & Kitchens, we know just how important the kitchen is to your home and why it’s vital for it to be suited to your needs and getting the right company to help through the process is just as important.


The Kitchen isn't always just a place to cook, it can be the most important place in a home, a place to socialise with family and friends.

That’s why bespoke design is so important.

We can help you from the design and installation to the rubbish removal and we can manage the project the whole way.



Recently we have been working closely with Howdens, but over the years we've worked with many kitchen brands such as Mereway, Burbidge & son, Wren, Magnet, Hacker, Ikea and more. 


We also offer an install only option, meaning we can install a kitchen you have already purchased or we can help design a new one from scratch, We are able to work with any brand or manufacturer that you desire.

Your Kitchen

How you use your kitchen will depend on your individual preferences and your lifestyle.

We will work with you to achieve your dream kitchen and give you as much advice as we can.

One common method when planning a new kitchen, is to remember the ‘working triangle’ idea. This means that the cooking area, fridge and sink are positioned to form a triangle to create the best working area. But this idea doesn't work for everybody.

Whatever design you decide on, we will be here to make that design a reality, and the whole process can be project managed by us from start to finish.

So you don't have to worry about a thing.





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