Terms & Conditions

By excepting our quotation/estimate or paying a deposit, you accept and agree to be bound by the term and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using these particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rule applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service.

  •  All products supplied by the customer must be in correspondence with the final quotation/estimate & bathroom/kitchen plan. 

  •  Any pictures, ornaments or other items left where work is to commence, is done so at the customers own risk.

  •  All products supplied by the customer, that need additional fixtures or fittings purchased for installation, could incur additional charges.

  •  Any changes made to the project must be stated, prior to work commencing and agreed by both the customer and Marc Anthony Bathrooms. Changes made that are not stated on the final quotation/estimate or on the final bathroom/kitchen plan, will incur additional charges. 

  •  Any missing/late products, that are supplied by the customer, could incur additional charges.

  • Decoration is limited to painting white walls, ceilings & woodwork, unless stated and agreed-upon.

  •  If any issues arise while we are working on your project, that you unsure on or unhappy with, please let us know at your earliest convenience, so we can rectify these issue without causing any delay.

  • Wall sockets, switches & pull cords will be a white finish, unless stated and agreed upon.

  • Final tile choices must be stated and agreed-upon before the project starts.                    Unless stated & agreed-upon, tiles are based on standard ceramic wall tiles & porcelain floor tiles (Max size 600mm x 600mm). Porcelain wall tiles could incur extra charges. * Mosaic, Herringbone, large format (Over 600mm x 600mm or 600mm wide), Natural stone, slate or any tiles that need impregnating are to be installed, these could incur extra charges*. Please ask for more information.

  •  Mosaic, Herringbone, large format (Over 600mm x 600mm or 600mm wide, Natural stone, slate or any tiles that need impregnating are priced per wall. Changes not stated on the final plan or quotation/estimate will incur additional charges.

  • Tile trims will be white, chrome or brushed steel, unless agreed upon prior to the project starting.

  •  Preparation of walls is limited to making the original wall sound and ready for tiling. 

  • Properties with plasterboard walls, where the plasterboard has to be removed along with the tiles, will incur additional charges. 

  •  Preparation of floor is limited to making the original base layer sound and ready for the new flooring. 

  •  Any rotten joists, majorly damaged or extremely uneven base layer flooring, will incur additional costs if they need rectifying.

  •  Any added extras or changes to the project, made once the project has started, that are not stated in the final quotation/estimate or on the final plan could incur extra charges. 

  • Disposal of kitchen appliances (electrical appliances) must be agreed upon prior to work commencing, or could incur additional charges per item.

  •  When retro installing new pumps, showers, water storage tanks, taps, toilet flush valves, toilet inlet valves, dishwashers or watching machines on to old pipework, Marc Anthony Bathrooms is not responsible for the original plumbing.

  • (If previous plumbing is incorrectly installed, this could effect your manufacturer warranty).

                 We are happy to supply you with a quote to re-plumb inline with manufacturers warranty

  • When retro installing onto old waste pipe connections, Marc Anthony Bathrooms is not responsible for the original plumbing.

  • When installing a full bathroom/kitchen, Marc Anthony Bathrooms would require adequate storage space for the new products, while work proceeds.

  • Products that are not supplied by Marc Anthony Bathrooms, are not under guarantee by the company.

  •  Any work carried out by Marc Anthony Bathrooms, that is not listed on the quotation/estimate, is not under guarantee by Marc Anthony Bathrooms.

  • Any products not listed on the final quotation/estimate, may not be under guarantee by Marc Anthony Bathrooms.

  • Quotations/estimates are excluding VAT, unless it is stated on the estimate/quotation that VAT is included.

  • Marc Anthony Bathrooms guarantee period is limited to one year from completion date or date stated on the final invoice.

  • When installing or supply and installing a new bathroom/kitchen, invoices will be sent in three ( first deposit, second once work has commenced and third on completion). *Deposit invoice payments are due upon receipt. Second invoice payments are due upon receipt. Final invoices are due within 7 days of completion/date on final invoice.

  •  Invoices submitted by the Marc Anthony Bathrooms to the customer are due within 7 days.

  • Marc Anthony Bathrooms reserves the right to claim interest on outstanding invoices, if the invoice isn't paid within 7 days of receiving (Interest will at 8% over the bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation.

  • An administration charge of £25 will apply, per late payment reminder letter.

  •  All warranties/guarantees are invalid if final invoice isn't paid in full.

  • These terms & conditions are put in place to make the process run as smoothly and fairly as possible. 

  • Please ask for more information.